Funny Skype Story

When I am home alone or I am doing my college homework I like to tell my boyfriend to Skype with me so I don’t feel lonely or go crazy with my own mind. Sometimes we aren’t event talking we will be only keeping company to one another.

The funny part is when I am in my office. Let me explain first some backstory is necessary. My office is the connection between my dad’s private office and my parent’s room. So they will be coming and going all day, and will go through my office a lot. So when I am working, studying or anything, and I am talking to my boyfriend they can see him in my computer or phone. The other thing I must explain is that my boyfriend is like a ninja, and what I mean is that he owns like Katanas, Nunchakus, and other stuff.

Okay I think that is all you need to know.

So… Usually my parents don’t comment much or will just say hi to my boyfriend and walk like nothing is going on. But still we are careful not to say or do anything really stupid so they don’t think bad or something. Today after being like 4 hours alone in my house and talking with him all that time I was on my office talking through my phone Skype app. He was talking to me about his Katanas and he had one of them (he has 2) outside with him. And my dad just passed one moment and my boyfriend he immediately hid his Katana (because he thought my dad will question why he had a giant knife with him) and went all serious.

I think is hilarious how my boyfriend must hide his Katana instead of like his dick or something weird.