Little princess: moonlight

One warm night the little princess, unable to sleep went for a walk to catch some air. To her pleasent surprise the moon was out almost full and the white glow will illuminate all the kingdom. She unaware ended up in one of her favorite places, the garden.

She sat on the edge of the fountain watching at the water flow and the moons reflection. She started humming and then singing.

“Hold me close and hold me fast

The magic spell you cast

This is la vie en rose

When you kiss me, Heaven sighs

And though I close my eyes

I see la vie en rose”

In the middle of the night, from one off the windows someone was watching her with hypnotized gazed. Starting to walk faster across the halls just to be with her a little time. Before continuing singing the little princess turned around by a noice, just to see her loyal soldier standing on the door; catching his breath. He camed closer with calm steps and she moved to the side to let him sit near to her.

The moon was shining both of them… a little princess and a nightmare. She turned to see him just to find him staring at her with no shame. His eyes light up by the moon melting her heart and made her feel save. She crawled near him and put both of her hands on the side of his face. He closed the space between them and kissed her with all the desire and love he had for her. Without shame they stayed on each other’s arms until late.

At the end the little princess fell asleep on his arms and her loyal soldier carried her to her bed. Laying her in with a soft touch, and before walking away he gave her a small kiss on the forehead.

“You are the best nightmare I’ve ever had” the little princess whispered to him before kissing him softly in his mouth and going back to bed where once again she fell asleep instantly.

Funny Skype Story

When I am home alone or I am doing my college homework I like to tell my boyfriend to Skype with me so I don’t feel lonely or go crazy with my own mind. Sometimes we aren’t event talking we will be only keeping company to one another.

The funny part is when I am in my office. Let me explain first some backstory is necessary. My office is the connection between my dad’s private office and my parent’s room. So they will be coming and going all day, and will go through my office a lot. So when I am working, studying or anything, and I am talking to my boyfriend they can see him in my computer or phone. The other thing I must explain is that my boyfriend is like a ninja, and what I mean is that he owns like Katanas, Nunchakus, and other stuff.

Okay I think that is all you need to know.

So… Usually my parents don’t comment much or will just say hi to my boyfriend and walk like nothing is going on. But still we are careful not to say or do anything really stupid so they don’t think bad or something. Today after being like 4 hours alone in my house and talking with him all that time I was on my office talking through my phone Skype app. He was talking to me about his Katanas and he had one of them (he has 2) outside with him. And my dad just passed one moment and my boyfriend he immediately hid his Katana (because he thought my dad will question why he had a giant knife with him) and went all serious.

I think is hilarious how my boyfriend must hide his Katana instead of like his dick or something weird.


Let’s feel together while being far apart

Even seeing you across me through a feel phone screen makes my heart melt. Your voice is like soft silk in my ears making me feel in peace. The look in your eyes makes me feel loved and cared.

My love, my darling, my beast. I think of you each night and day; thinking of you are fine and well, you have eaten and happy.

I cannot describe good enough how you make me feel even if it’s while laughing and talking random topics during a FaceTime call. But I am sure and aware that I like it and love to spend time with you even virtually.

What is happening?

How do you do it? Why does my mind and body react the way they do? Have I gone crazy? The simple though of you makes me feel warm and happy.

Is this love? If it is… how do you react to it? Can you control it? Why can I think straight? I feel confused yet confident.

What are you doing to me?, that I cannot understand anymore or find logic in it. So many questions and new emotions in my mind and body that I cannot control them anymore, if I try it I might go crazy.


People say that when you love someone they will take you breath away… but I don't believe in that. Cause when I'm with you I feel the air around me go lighter, I feel my world go slow and my chest more free, I can sense peace and love, and when I kiss you I can feel like I haven't breath any air in ages. Your kisses, they give me life and I feel myself falling right into your arms at peace, right where I belong.