A beast in chains

My darling, my beast. He growls and beats the chains that he is forever enslaved too. He can feel the rage over his vains and his misanthrope gaining strength.

No one wants to be close when he transforms, fearing his glare, rage and power.

She listened to his growls and howls from the distance and his raging screams makes her heart vibrate with ease. While feeling scared and not very useful she began trying to communicate with his heart.

Cause even in full darkness and madness she would still feel his weak and pleading soul asking for help.

Let’s feel together while being far apart

Even seeing you across me through a feel phone screen makes my heart melt. Your voice is like soft silk in my ears making me feel in peace. The look in your eyes makes me feel loved and cared.

My love, my darling, my beast. I think of you each night and day; thinking of you are fine and well, you have eaten and happy.

I cannot describe good enough how you make me feel even if it’s while laughing and talking random topics during a FaceTime call. But I am sure and aware that I like it and love to spend time with you even virtually.