Los sentimientos que me brinda el mundo.

Me inspiran las hojas de los arboles cuando caen desde el cielo creando una lluvia de colores.
Me da risa como las nubes se mueven y crean diferentes formas; me dejan volar mi imaginación tal y como ellas vuelan en el cielo.
Me da gracia como el viento viene y va de todas las direcciones, mostrando su forma salvaje y cálida de acompañarnos. Me interesa como se mueve y como afecta todo su alrededor, nunca pasa desapercibido.
Me da en que reflexionar como el agua se moldea a su entorno y me da una calidez que siempre deja algo cuando se va y me conmueve que como las partículas luchan por quedarse juntas creando así una superficie liza y redondeada.
Me da tristeza como la vida se mueve y nadie lo nota, como nadie se detiene a ver las cosas que tenemos a nuestro alrededor y no aprecia lo bello que es lo que nos rodea.
Pero ante esa tristeza que las personas provocan al ignorar las maravillas de la vida, el mundo me alegra dándome a mi el placer de poder disfrutarlas. El mundo no se resiente con todos por la ignorancia de las demás personas, porque hemos algunos que si nos fijamos en el mundo. Nos da la oportunidad a los que nos volteamos a ver por la ventana, a los que caminamos un poco más lento, a los que nos detenemos a ver la flor que crece a nuestro lado.

Walk behind, walk in front, walk together.

Can anybody hear me?
Can anybody see me?
Cause I think I lost my way.
Will anybody watch me?
Is someone gonna stop me?
This could be my last mistake.
Put the gun down.
Just put the gun down.

Will you let me listen to you?
Will you let me see you for who you truly are?
Let me guide you through the darkness of insanity.
Will you let me watch you until I fall asleep?
Will I be enough to stop you?
This could be my last mistake.
Put your gun down.
Just take the gun and hope I won’t point it at me.

Won’t you be scared of the roars and the screams?
Promise you will not turn your face away when you see my true face.
I will follow.
But aren’t you afraid of a Nightmare walking behind you?
I don’t know, are you?
Even if I wanted to.. I can’t.
I am my only target.

I cannot be scared of echoes of help that I hear for your color. But tell me will you not run when you hear me scream, howl, lament and cry?
Promise me you will not see the glass every one choose to see when they see me, you will only be mesmerized by my eyes, just like I will be by yours.
I am not capable to be frightened of what will protect me, will you let me be in front of you? Guiding the path you take.
I may be. If I wish it enough, I may not just yet know what I am able of.
If you will not you do not leave me much choice.
I take if away for you.
Cause you if you pull the trigger i will pull mine.

I can’t be afraid of what I’ve lived with for so long; so don’t worry about that.
Yes, I’m here to protect you.
Please be, it’s all I ask for.

Others will see us and be scared, anxious just by the sound of our names.
If you walk behind me I will be sure I will take the most correct path, will not let you give up, will show you the most beautiful things nature can show us.
If I let you carry me I know you will take the safest path, will hold me close so I won’t get cold, will show me that chavarity is not dead.
But if we walk side by side, we can be invincible. We will combine all of us good and bad, and everyone will know who we are.
In the darkness and brightest places our names, love and stories will be whispered and heard.
We will both inspire fear and hope; our enemies will not know what there are getting themselves into, and our friends will know who we really are.
You just have to take my hand, pull away the gun, give me the gun, and cry in my shoulder until you fall asleep to rest for tonight.

Doesn’t matter how strong I am and how strong I can be.
I still need your support.
Let’s walk together, I want that for us.
Is just that sometimes is so hard.
I feel better now.
Just let me fall asleep with you.

The time between us

How to stop time= kiss
How to travel time= read
How to escape time= music
How to feel time= write
How to release time= breath

“I want to be escaping time with you in the endless nights, while we travel time through our eyes and feel time in the proximity of our skin, and every time we stop time we feel like it’s the first time in awhile that we release it.” – LCA

Little princess: moonlight

One warm night the little princess, unable to sleep went for a walk to catch some air. To her pleasent surprise the moon was out almost full and the white glow will illuminate all the kingdom. She unaware ended up in one of her favorite places, the garden.

She sat on the edge of the fountain watching at the water flow and the moons reflection. She started humming and then singing.

“Hold me close and hold me fast

The magic spell you cast

This is la vie en rose

When you kiss me, Heaven sighs

And though I close my eyes

I see la vie en rose”

In the middle of the night, from one off the windows someone was watching her with hypnotized gazed. Starting to walk faster across the halls just to be with her a little time. Before continuing singing the little princess turned around by a noise, just to see her loyal soldier standing on the door; catching his breath. He came closer with calm steps and she moved to the side to let him sit near to her.

The moon was shining both of them… a little princess and a nightmare. She turned to see him just to find him staring at her with no shame. His eyes light up by the moon melting her heart and made her feel save. She crawled near him and put both of her hands on the side of his face. He closed the space between them and kissed her with all the desire and love he had for her. Without shame they stayed on each other’s arms until late.

At the end the little princess fell asleep on his arms and her loyal soldier carried her to her bed. Laying her in with a soft touch, and before walking away he gave her a small kiss on the forehead.

“You are the best nightmare I’ve ever had” the little princess whispered to him before kissing him softly in his mouth and going back to bed where once again she fell asleep instantly.

Destiny at is last

​As the car moved gently across the road I stared at the outside night world, and thought of the silence that came with it. “I just don’t get it” he argued to me while we were in the car. – “What?” I responded, turning around to see him. – “The way you are acting. You are so relaxed and calm it makes me sad and uneasy.” he told me looking concerned. It is not the first time he had looked like that, but it was the first time he did so intensely. I grabbed his hand gently and squeezed it just a little. – “What would be the logic and purpose of fighting over the main cause I was surely created?” I responded calmed and serene while feeling dizzy.

What is happening?

How do you do it? Why does my mind and body react the way they do? Have I gone crazy? The simple though of you makes me feel warm and happy.

Is this love? If it is… how do you react to it? Can you control it? Why can I think straight? I feel confused yet confident.

What are you doing to me?, that I cannot understand anymore or find logic in it. So many questions and new emotions in my mind and body that I cannot control them anymore, if I try it I might go crazy.


People say that when you love someone they will take you breath away… but I don't believe in that. Cause when I'm with you I feel the air around me go lighter, I feel my world go slow and my chest more free, I can sense peace and love, and when I kiss you I can feel like I haven't breath any air in ages. Your kisses, they give me life and I feel myself falling right into your arms at peace, right where I belong.

What are we?

We are… the exception, the dream that started as a lie, then we transformed into a nightmare, but at the end we turned into a movie scene. Those seen in the past; black and white and no sound. Now we have added much more. 

Sound, we added the sound of our laughs and giggles. The sound of every breath we take away for the other. The sound of our kisses. The sound of whispers and conversations full of secrets and dumb facts. But the most loud we added and can feel the most is the sound of our hearts when we are together. 

Colors, many colors, all people can and cannot imagine. Abstract and concrete, we have created many. We added the color of our eyes looking in loved of each other, we have added the colors of the day around us, when it’s grey and sad until it’s shinny and happy. We have added color to our hang outs and make everything gleam in color. 

We continue to add things to this dream. To our story. To our lives. We are the novel. We are infinite. We are not perfect. We are a beautiful disaster. We are the princess and the prince? But out of all the things I said I am sure of one more. 

We are unique. 


Little princess: a memory

There he was watching her sleep, feeling a warm inside him grow every time she took a peaceful breath. There in the small space between the two of them he said it, a whisper, soft and quick. Almost nonexistent as if he didn’t believe he could said it out loud. He said it most for himself those three words coming out of his mouth with a sweet smile “I love you”.


Little Princess: tears on paper

After he finished the letter he made a small drawing. He did not know how to draw, but that did not stop him from trying. He started with her face, her lips, following with the hair and after a while he saw… it was terrible. He still took it and protected it. He started making a drawing getting better with each new one. The next day he realized he had fallen asleep drawing, and there were tears in his eyes. What can a simple servant and now warrior be for his little princess? He sent the letter with the only hope that his words could reach her.