Streaming, a new experience.

I’ve always loved spending time with myself either just relaxing or enjoying my hobbies, and since I finished college I have been able to enjoy more free time for myself since now my only responsibility is my job. Before, I was working and studying so my free time was very very limited I was even barely able to sleep and eat at some point.

I cannot say I didn’t love having a tight schedule tho I have always been a very fast passing girl, and my personality and life reflect it. Now with so much extra time, I started to feel overwhelmed, and even when I tried to concentrate on my hobbies and myself; I felt I was getting stuck and very bored. After some days of asking myself the question “what should I do?” I actually remembered I have always wanted to do online content or try it at least. I also remembered all the streams I watch and the fun that came with it. Then it hit me, I should start a streaming channel, and so after a few days my idea to start streaming began to marginate.

My mind is filled with so many ideas and experiences I would love to share with friends and well strangers that could eventually become friends. Helping myself be busy and boost skills such as confidence and versability. But, I couldn’t just start streaming without a plan. My next move was to start reading, seeing videos, and informing myself of the streaming world and what tips could I apply to my upcoming streams.

I started to put my heart and soul into the process of creating days before my first stream by creating banners, an avatar, alerts, and descriptions. Planning on what games to play first and topics to talk about. So after a few weeks of me getting ready and preparing technically and mentally, I started on my first live stream. After so many technical issues the stream that ended up lasting for over an hour went surprisingly well and I loved it, with my friends that joined me and cheered me! It was an amazing experience.

It has been over a week since I started streaming and I have been loving each second! I am still rather scared and nervous, but I feel like I am getting the hang of it. I want to see how far can I get and how many memories I can create, I mean… I got nothing to lose.

If you want to join me I would love to meet you! My stream account is @justwonderlive.


4 thoughts on “Streaming, a new experience.”

  1. I am so happy that you start this new journey in your life, some people is afraid of what others said but you actually empowered yourself and start streaming because that is what you really want to do it, not for trend; just because you want it. I really want to see how much you growth and also your community.

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