to you

Between hate and love there is a very fine line, we as a particular couple, always dancing in that tightrope.

We cannot rewrite what is already written, just as we cannot rewrite the stars. The past is in the past, every memorie, kiss, hug, feeling, tear, smile, word belongs only to us.

Even today I still hear you in the songs I listen, and I still hide you in the words I write. I hate it, I hate it as much as you do, believe me, and it angers me enough to feel my blood boil. I feel like it is imposible to not love you and miss you, you were my love, my darling, my soulmate, my home… Now I feel like I don’t belong, lost.

But the hurt and the anger transformed into experience and courage. Just like yourself I would not change who I am today.

I thank you for being my first in many things and for teaching me so many stuff about me, about humans and about love and hate.

I don’t belong to you and you don’t belong to me. Yet we decided to give a piece of each other to one another.

LCA 2018

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