What are we?

We are… the exception, the dream that started as a lie, then we transformed into a nightmare, but at the end we turned into a movie scene. Those seen in the past; black and white and no sound. Now we have added much more. 

Sound, we added the sound of our laughs and giggles. The sound of every breath we take away for the other. The sound of our kisses. The sound of whispers and conversations full of secrets and dumb facts. But the most loud we added and can feel the most is the sound of our hearts when we are together. 

Colors, many colors, all people can and cannot imagine. Abstract and concrete, we have created many. We added the color of our eyes looking in loved of each other, we have added the colors of the day around us, when it’s grey and sad until it’s shinny and happy. We have added color to our hang outs and make everything gleam in color. 

We continue to add things to this dream. To our story. To our lives. We are the novel. We are infinite. We are not perfect. We are a beautiful disaster. We are the princess and the prince? But out of all the things I said I am sure of one more. 

We are unique. 


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