People say that when you love someone they will take you breath away… but I don't believe in that. Cause when I'm with you I feel the air around me go lighter, I feel my world go slow and my chest more free, I can sense peace and love, and when I kiss you I can feel like I haven't breath any air in ages. Your kisses, they give me life and I feel myself falling right into your arms at peace, right where I belong.

What are we?

We are… the exception, the dream that started as a lie, then we transformed into a nightmare, but at the end we turned into a movie scene. Those seen in the past; black and white and no sound. Now we have added much more. 

Sound, we added the sound of our laughs and giggles. The sound of every breath we take away for the other. The sound of our kisses. The sound of whispers and conversations full of secrets and dumb facts. But the most loud we added and can feel the most is the sound of our hearts when we are together. 

Colors, many colors, all people can and cannot imagine. Abstract and concrete, we have created many. We added the color of our eyes looking in loved of each other, we have added the colors of the day around us, when it’s grey and sad until it’s shinny and happy. We have added color to our hang outs and make everything gleam in color. 

We continue to add things to this dream. To our story. To our lives. We are the novel. We are infinite. We are not perfect. We are a beautiful disaster. We are the princess and the prince? But out of all the things I said I am sure of one more. 

We are unique. 


Little princess: a memory

There he was watching her sleep, feeling a warm inside him grow every time she took a peaceful breath. There in the small space between the two of them he said it, a whisper, soft and quick. Almost nonexistent as if he didn’t believe he could said it out loud. He said it most for himself those three words coming out of his mouth with a sweet smile “I love you”.


Little Princess: tears on paper

After he finished the letter he made a small drawing. He did not know how to draw, but that did not stop him from trying. He started with her face, her lips, following with the hair and after a while he saw… it was terrible. He still took it and protected it. He started making a drawing getting better with each new one. The next day he realized he had fallen asleep drawing, and there were tears in his eyes. What can a simple servant and now warrior be for his little princess? He sent the letter with the only hope that his words could reach her.


Little princess: always yours

After a long week the little princess was going to bed alone again. She was not used to the coldness of the night or the returning nightmares. But the nights grew worse; the dreams that came woke her up; crying and out of breath. Before entering to her room one night a servant came and gave her a letter. Without showing much emotion she took it and kept walking. Grabbing her necklace she opened it “Maybe tonight you’ll sleep well and we can be together by heart, always yours. – N”. Confused and relieved to know he was well she fell asleep once again. That night no nightmares haunted her, just kind memories of their time together.


Little princess: first kiss

The next morning he was going to go far away and so she joined him walking through the entrance. He looked into his pockets for what he had been hiding from her. She looked at him puzzled; until he pulled out a necklace with a beautiful pendant in it and place it into her palm while saying: “here, so you can have me close to your heart, where I belong.” She could not resist and started crying once more; her servant not being able to resist. He took her gently and pressed his lips with hers. She had the necklace on her hand, the silver felt cold in comparison with the rest of her body. He pulled back and apologized just to be shut up by her kissing him back.


Little princess: lost

He knew that she knew so he proceeded to stepped out of the shadows of her room; his face full of shame and sadness. When she had the first glimpse of him, she walked closer and started punching him in his chest, crying without thinking straight. After some minutes she stopped, out of strength to keep going. She fell into her knees and he followed her; begging for forgiveness. Then she realized what the strange feeling was… he could die and she would be alone once again.


No me dejaré

A veces me pongo a pensar más de la cuenta, el pensamiento o la sensación de angustia llegan a mi mente y cuerpo. Uno de los más comunes que me vienen a mi mente es que todo lo que pasa en mi vida, cada momento por triste o feliz que sea, para el siguiente día será solo un recuerdo. Un sentimiento un poco triste me invade en las situaciones que ese pensamiento decide aparecer, pero también me es un recordatorio de que debo disfrutar el momento que esté pasando, o lo que me brinda más satisfacción en el momento. Si quiero llorar, lloro; si quiero reír, reiré; si no quiero darle importancia al resto del mundo, no se la daré. No dejaré que el mundo me domine a mi, yo hare, creare y dominaré  mi propio mundo.

Little Princess: cuddle together?

The next day the little princess did not even thought about sleeping on her own, and decided to command her servant to sleep in the same bed. But as the night arrived and they got ready she felt weird and could not even look at him. When they got in bed; both set on the opposite sides of the bed, not touching each other. Not a word was spoken for a period of time, but he felt the urge of getting near her. He let his feeling control him and drag the little princess closer to him. Until they were face to face looking at each other’s eyes. She smiled and put her head on his chest starting to fall asleep. He could not believe his actions nor hers, but smiled and smelled her sweet scent.

Little princess: a night visit

Once again the little princess falls of the edge of her dreams, her servant would look and hope everything to be fine and no nightmares would appear. After a while in his own bed; he would notice movement at his side. In a moment without opening his eyes a quick reflect kicked in and he got his sword and was ready to attack. What he was not ready to see was the little princess in his bed… ‘Has she sleep walk to his bed?’ Gently he put the sword back and let her be; hearing her breath.