A young prince

This is a tale, about a young prince that lived on a far away land. He was loyal and happy, and was exited with what life will get him. He liked beer and hugs and had a lovely sence of humor that only few would understand.

He was sentimental, but he already knew that. That is why he learned by the harsh way how to be careful of who got close to him. He didn’t let almost anyone see through his smile and wary attitude. And somehow he would let me a little princess to walk with him while talking and laughing.

I was worthy enough somehow to be his friend. One day he saw me sad and he made me feel better… not with jokes but with his presence. I am greatful of it, and wish to help him when he needs it.

That’s it what friends are for and in a land where it’s difficult to find worthy people we got on the same path somehow.


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