A stolen friend

There was once this great dragon who lived with a little princess, both were friends and took care of each other. The dragon purpose was to protect the princess on her daily life, since so many thieves and mischievous guys wished to catch her. One day something unexpected happened… a giant floating air balloon flew above the castle and catch the lovely dragon. The princess was screaming and crying on the ground as she saw how her best friend was being taken, she did not know what to do until a little voice sounded on her head. “Do no cry my little girl, your tiara is gonna fall. We will see each other soon. I love you.” The little princess knew that must have been her dragon, so she gain courage and went inside the castle into the only room she could only enter on an emergency, and this was indeed an emergency.

Equipping a shiny armour and grabbing her sword and shield she began planning her escape from the castle. Cause this time the little princess would go and save her dragon.


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