Ciudad de monos

Inteligencia, necedad; sabiduría, ignorancia; sinónimos, antónimos. Simples palabras compuestas todas de pequeñas letras pero son un significado totalmente diferente. ¿Personalidad o actitud? ¿Personas o palabras? ¿Verdades o falsedades? Pero al final, ¿Qué cara y mente es real? La que puede responder las preguntas de la vida, o la que no puede valerse por sí mismo.

¿Conquistar o ser conquistado?

¿Se puede conquistar un mundo sin destruirlo?

Conquistar no se debería llamar a lo que uno quiere conocer, conocer es entrar al mundo de otra persona como un turista. Nos sentimos a gusto con lo que tenemos pero entonces, ¿por qué nos atrae lo desconocido? Tal vez conquistar y conocer sean diferentes, pero están conectados. Pues, conquistar es encontrar dos mundos totalmente diferentes que hablen el mismo idioma, y en ese momento es cuando se quiere conocer.

“¿Por qué relacionamos el conquistar con motivos sexuales?” me pregunté un día mientras veía cómo las personas hablaban sin sentimiento. Y luego me dije a mi misma, “porque conquistar es solo querer invadir a alguien sin saber lo que pasa más allá de una sonrisa. Conocer a alguien es saber sus temores, sueños, desafíos, el sentimiento de sus lágrimas y sus risas.


Little Princess: night help

After a long time. The lovely princess was beaten by her dreams that came. And her servant just stood there watching her. After a while she began crying begging’ for someone to help. He always wished for her dreams to come true, but he did not always remember that nightmares are dreams too. So he got near her bed; even if the risk was high, it would not be the first time he did it. And he just lay in bed hugging his little princess.


A young prince

This is a tale, about a young prince that lived on a far away land. He was loyal and happy, and was exited with what life will get him. He liked beer and hugs and had a lovely sence of humor that only few would understand.

He was sentimental, but he already knew that. That is why he learned by the harsh way how to be careful of who got close to him. He didn’t let almost anyone see through his smile and wary attitude. And somehow he would let me a little princess to walk with him while talking and laughing.

I was worthy enough somehow to be his friend. One day he saw me sad and he made me feel better… not with jokes but with his presence. I am greatful of it, and wish to help him when he needs it.

That’s it what friends are for and in a land where it’s difficult to find worthy people we got on the same path somehow.


Word’s of my life…

Logophile [law-guh-fahyl]
(n.) a lover of words. Origin: Logos from Greek, meaning ‘speech’ + phile from Latin or Greek, meaning ‘friend or lover’.
I do not usually like tags on people, but would gladly consider and call myself a logophile.

Improvise [im-pruh-vahyz]
to compose, play, recite, or sing (verse, music, etc.) on the spur of the moment.
Sometimes things are better and more fun when they are improvised.

Monotone [mon-uh-tohn]
(n.) a single tone without harmony or variation in pitch.
I hate monotone days.

Worth [wurth]
(prep.) good or important enough to justify
Some things are worth risking it.

Table [tey-buh l]
(n.) such a piece of furniture specifically used for serving food to those seated at it.
Sitting and talking on a table while music is playing and food all over the place with my best friend a late Saturday night is the best feeling ever.

Imagine [ih-maj-in]
(v.) to think, believe, or fancy; to form a mental image.
I cannot control my mind of imagining all the stuff we could do together.

Perspective [per-spek-tiv]
(n.) the state of existing in space before the eye.
You may feel like a loser but I see you as a winner, it is all about perspective.

Chaos [key-os]
(n.) a state of utter confusion or disorder; a total lack of organization or order.
Between long talks, dark nights, laughs, kisses, drama and dancing there is always a space for chaos.

Lips [lips]
(n.) the red or pinkish margin of the human mouth.
I can feel you on my lips all the time, but I just wanna feel you in my heart and on my mind.

Mistaken [mi-stey-kuh n]
(n.) to regard or identify wrongly as something or someone else.
Being mistaken for my best friend girlfriend twice in the same week is pretty hilarious for me.

Day [dey]
(n.) period of existence, power, or influence.
Days pass by and while some can have an excellent day other will have the worst; that little thought just makes me want to hug everyone.

Mariachi [mahr-ee-ah-chee]
(adj.) dance or music, usually played by a small band of strolling musicians dressed in native costumes.
It had been a long time that I had seen a mariachi and had so much fun with it.

Miss [mis]
(v.) to regret or notice the absence or loss of.
I’m forgot how much I missed your presence, touch and friendship.

Memory [mem-uh-ree]
(n.) the act or fact of retaining and recalling impressions, facts, etc.
We can recall so many memories, but I cannot regain all those feelings.

Hot [hot]
(adj.) having a high temperature.
Today’s day was so hot I just wanted to be lying on the floor.

Active [ak-tiv]
(v.) caracterized by an energetic work or participation; busy.
After an active day, my body feels like it has done a good work.

Friend [frend]
(n.) a person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard.
Never thought I had those emotions and thoughts when seeing an old friend.

Concentrate [ˈkänsənˌtrāt]
(v.) focus one’s attention or mental effort on a particular object or activity.
To concentrate in one task only can be a hard task but it can be possible.

Fix [fiks]
(v.) to put in place or in good condition; adjust or arrange.
Everything can be fixed you just need to breathe, have patience and much desire.

Flap [flap]
(v.) to move up and down, as wings; flap the wings, or make similar movements.
I could not stop laughing when I saw the majestic flap flap.

Hope [hohp]
(v.) to believe, desire, or trust.
We humans will always hope for the best but expect the worst.

Suffocate [suhf-uh-keyt]
(v.) to discomfort by a lack of fresh or cool air; suppress.
The hotness of the weather and your thoughts suffocated me in a restless state.

Unstable [uhn-stey-buh l]
(adj.) unsteadfast; inconstant; wavering; marked by emotional instability.
This days my brain is so unstable that is begging to suffocate me and my life.

Create [kree-eyt]
(v.) to evolve from one’s own thought or imagination, as a work of art or an invention.
We create million of beautiful things all the time with every breath we take.

Closure [kloh-zher]
(n.) a sense of psychological certainty or completeness: a need for closure.
It is hard but when something is creating great sorrow in our life a closure can be the best option.

Everyday has a word in specific… and its definition can change too. I just like to collect them too.

Un mundo oculto en ti

Me encantan cosas ocultas del mundo y encontrarlas; guardándolas para mi misma. Algunas pequeñas, otras grandes, otras concretas y las demás abstractas.

Pero buscarlas y tenerlas en mi colección privada de placeres infinitos de esta vida es mi hobby favorito. La mayoría del tiempo logró encontrarlas por estar mirando a todo lado buscándolas.

Pero cuando estoy contigo… Todas ellas dejan de tener sentido cuando te veo. Cada sonrisa tuya es como un nuevo respiro y cuando te dejas llevar y te sale una carcajada es como si estuviera en el paraíso. Cuando tu cara hace muecas es como estar en el teatro y no saber que esperar de la obra, pero sabes que estará buena. Porque es tu favorita.

Tus ojos reflejan todo lo que eres y aunque muchos no logran ver mucho; yo veo todo. Veo tu felicidad, tu tristeza, tu miedo y todo lo demás. Pero todo es una pintura llena de abstracción y el verme pintada en ella con colores brillantes es un privilegio.

Me puedo sentir derretir al ver tus camanances y me permito esconderme en ellos. Tu pelo tan es sedoso me encanta verlo contra la corriente del viento. Su forma de ser rebelde y descontrolado como tú.

La forma en que te mueves es totalmente controlada y calculada, precisa y es estudiada, se nota que te conoces bien y lo cómodo que eres de él la mayoría del tiempo.

Cuando te veo no puedo evitar sentirme segura e intimidada de ti y como eres. Sé que soy buena para ti pero no sé si soy lo suficiente en ciertas ocasiones. Pero para eso viene tu mente y personalidad. Sin ellos todo lo demás no tendría sentido solo una vasija vacía. Tu esencia quién me llena de amor y confianza de quien eres. Es quien me empapa de curiosidad e intriga; es quien te define y está llena de cosas increíbles, hermosas, interesantes y aterradoras.

Como un laberinto que está lleno de secretos y cosas oscuras pero está deseando que alguien lo atraviese.

Y yo soy la exploradora que quiere intentarlo. No importa si la bestia me ataca. Nunca me ha dado miedo.


A stolen friend

There was once this great dragon who lived with a little princess, both were friends and took care of each other. The dragon purpose was to protect the princess on her daily life, since so many thieves and mischievous guys wished to catch her. One day something unexpected happened… a giant floating air balloon flew above the castle and catch the lovely dragon. The princess was screaming and crying on the ground as she saw how her best friend was being taken, she did not know what to do until a little voice sounded on her head. “Do no cry my little girl, your tiara is gonna fall. We will see each other soon. I love you.” The little princess knew that must have been her dragon, so she gain courage and went inside the castle into the only room she could only enter on an emergency, and this was indeed an emergency.

Equipping a shiny armour and grabbing her sword and shield she began planning her escape from the castle. Cause this time the little princess would go and save her dragon.


Maybe we just

I have a hypothesis,
maybe the words we don’t speak
are held in our insides.

Creating similar copies of ourselves.
Each one of those copies
having their own thought and feelings.

These “clones” will be waiting,
to get attention of their creator.

Each creator see them as shadows
they must not get out,
because there is always the fear of what
the world will say about them.

Each part don’t understand
the other.
That is when conflicts appear.

The clones will began to hold grudge,
against their creator.
Until they become what their initiator saw them as,
just shadows.

If only those shadows that were created,
remained as just shadows
but they don’t.
Shadows will began to get stronger,
feeding from our insecurities and fears.

Shadows later on will be
Demons that will be hidden,
in the darkest parts of us.

Muévete para adelante

Sentarse a ver el paisaje o caminar y verlo desde más allá de una perspectiva.
Sentarse a esperar a que un alcance o caminar a buscar lo desconocido.
Sentarse a ver cómo las personas caminan y pasan con sus vidas o caminar y ser visto.
¿Por qué no queremos caminar?
Nos puede dar pereza, miedo, o solamente no tenemos ese impulso.
Caminar es dar un paso después de otro, crear, definir y ser definido;  pero no hablo de caminar con los pies… sino es la metáfora de caminar al siguiente paso de nuestras vidas.
Hay muchas personas que le temen a crecer, cambiar, vivir y salir de su zona segura.
Pero hay tantas personas que quieren explorar, comprender y conocer.
Es solo una chispa dentro de cada persona, y hay que dejar que se encienda.
Para poder caminar, abrir esa puerta que no nos deja pasar, hacerse conocer, alcanzar esos sueños y metas, ser visto y disfrutar de cada momento que creamos.